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Our Clients

AFA prides itself in its clientele’s growth and success. Our clients’ schemes offer a competitive and flexible portfolio of benefit plans, giving members access to affordable and comprehensive healthcare cover.

Botswana Public Officers Medical Aid Scheme

Botswana Public Officers’ Medical Scheme (BPOMAS) has been administered by AFA since its inception in 1990. The Scheme is open to all civil servants and parastatals. AFA has ensured the Scheme’s continued growth by consistent way of improved service and marketing activities.

BPOMAS strives to enable members to access healthcare services even outside the borders of Botswana by nurturing good relationships with multiple healthcare providers, nationally and internationally.

Members have access to three comprehensive benefit options;

  • Standard Option at P30 000 cover per annum
  • High Benefit Option at P315 000 cover per annum
  • Premium Benefit Option at P500 000 cover per annum

Premium and High Benefit options cater for dread disease and catastrophe at P300 000 and P165 000 respectively (e.g. RTA, stroke, heart attack, kidney failure) and their Annual Basic limit of P150 000 and P200 000 respectively.

Pula Medical Aid Fund

Pulamed is an open medical aid fund that was established through a Deed of Trust in 1991. Since its inception, it has been administered by AFA, and prides itself on being “first in member satisfaction”, which is largely owed to the excellent service provided by AFA personnel. 

The Fund strives to ensure that its clients are able to access healthcare services even outside of Botswana.

Pulamed provides competitive health insurance cover for members through five (5) benefit options;

  • The Executive
  • Deluxe
  • Galaxy
  • Flexi
  • Standard Benefit

Our Partners