Pula Medical Aid Fund

PULA is an open medical aid fund that was established through a Deed of Trust, in 1991. It has also since its inception been administered by Associated Fund Administrators Botswana (Pty) Ltd. PULA prides itself in being “first in member satisfaction” and this is due to the excellent service provided by AFA personnel. The Fund strives to ensure that those covered are also able to access healthcare services outside the borders of Botswana by identifying and facilitating long lasting relationships with most healthcare providers.

PULA provides competitive comprehensive health insurance cover for members through two (2) benefit options; namely, the De‐luxe and Standard Benefit Options. The overall annual limit for the De‐luxe Benefit Option is P800 000. This limit is further broken down into a basic comprehensive cover of P300 000 per annum and P500 000 per annum for Dread Disease.

The latter limit covers those conditions that are catastrophic and of a very high cost, by nature; such as kidney failure, heart attack and motor vehicle accidents etc. The overall annual limit for the Standard Benefit Option is P40 000 and tends to cater for primary health care.