Products and Services

At AFA we are easily accessible and highly automated. This enables us to serve our clients with efficiency and professionalism whilst managing a personal touch.

As a result our undivided attention combined with expert standards of care, our clients can look forward with confidence to working with our effective, efficient, client‐centric and reliable company to create and manage funds and make sound investments on their behalf.

We have an enabling network of strategic partners ranging from major hospital groups in Botswana, Republic of South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia to the small one man practice in the remotest parts of the country. Our supplier base also covers specialists in a myriad of medical and alternative therapy.

In addition, AFA continues to play a leading role in capacity building for the private sector where it facilitates Continued Medical Education (CME) for private health practitioners across all disciplines, in partnership with private ntities, Government, local and international Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs).