Change Of Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Provider To Emergency Assist 991 (EA991)

The Board of Trustees of Pula Medical Aid Fund (PULA) would like to inform all PULA members, their dependents and stakeholders that subsequent to a public tender for provision of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to all PULA beneficiaries, the contract for provision of EMS was awarded to Emergency Assist 991 (EA991).

This means that with effect from 01 March 2016 Med Rescue International Botswana (MRIB) will no longer provide EMS to PULA beneficiaries and that Emergency Assist 991 (EA991) will now provide such services with effect from the 01 March 2016.

EA991 is contactable on free Emergency Number 991 from all telephone networks.

All PULA members, principal members and their dependents, are entitled to Emergency Medical Services from EA991 regardless of the benefit option that a member may have opted to belong. Members and their dependents belonging to all three (3) benefit options (Executive, De-Luxe and Standard Benefit Options) are entitled to following emergency medical services:

  • Access to an emergency call center 24/7;
  • Remote Medical Advice and Information through the call center;
  • Emergency Medical Services response and assistance at any place where the assistance is required, be it office, home or accident scene;
  • Emergency medical transportation by road or air ambulance under appropriate medical supervision to the nearest medical facility capable of providing adequate care;
  • Medically indicated Inter-hospital transfers in Botswana and the sub-region;
  • Repatriation of mortal remains in the event that death of a member or dependent occurs outside Botswana while under the medical care (i.e. hospitalized);
  • Liaison with the next of kin to inform them of the condition of the member or dependent;
  • The escorting and return of minors to a place of safety in the event the adult member is involved in an emergency and subsequently hospitalized.

Should you, require any further information and/or clarification, please feel free to contact the PULA Sales and Marketing Department on (+267) 365 0596, Client Services department on (+267) 365 0555 or Emergency Assist call center on (+267) 3904537.

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